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We are an European CAD outsourcing studio specialised in all sorts of civil engineering and architectural drawing. When you are under the pressure of approaching deadlines or unexpectedly high volume of work, do not hesitate to contact us immediately!


We do reinforced concrete, metal, wood, pipeline, canal, electrical and mechanical engineering drawings, as well as bills of quantities. We also do architectural drawing (floorplans, elevation plans, etc), site plans and survey plans. 

We work with various standards and building codes. We undertake both "tiny" and large projects.

Our quality assurance process involves final check of work by fully qualified civil and electrical engineers and not just technical drafters. Moreover, in most of the cases drafting itself is done by qualified engineers. We advise you to take a glance at our portfolio and judge about quality of work yourself.
We can be very flexible in meeting your requirements as we operate both full-time and on demand workforce. We are not constrained by the usual working week or working hours so we can take up urgent assignments.
We can offer very competitive pricing and we are open on negotiation regarding large volumes of work, early submission bonuses, early payments, long-term clients, etc. You can see quotes on previous work in our portfolio page.
We could submit you daily screenshots of work progress if you require so.
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CEO of Inline Design  CAD Studio - Zhivko Yabandzhiev
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